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  • CPR

    CPR is a simple review of compressions. WE have manikins and use the American Red Cross as a guideline.



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  • Can food drive info for 2016

    Each year Mr.Cassidy, MRs.Del Vecchio and I run a 2 week can food drive with the help fo the SO.  We culminate the 1500 item donation with a spirit week and the teacher vs student volleyball game.  I have added a 4 way tug of war as well.  Lot's of fun and laughter bringing us all together even if the teachers lose!


    Thank you to all who have donated!  We have completed our 28th year!  Cool!

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  • Olympic game unit in late winter

    For 2 weeks the PE dept sets up a fun, competitve 2 weeks, to corespond with a spirit week and the can food drive. WE organize sports and give points to teams for varrious reasons besdies winning.  Participants may bring fun facts about their Olympic country. Questions are asked to each "country" and correct answers can win a prize.  For example; what Hen Hud coach was inducted into the Westchester County Hall of Fame in 2015?  Answer is Mrs. Swertfager the 3 time NY State Champion.  Then the student may pick a prize out of the show case!

    Keeps the winter months of indoor acitivities fun and exciting!

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