• Academics Behavior Communication


       Our ABC program is a special class program for students with special needs.  We currently have three classrooms located in Frank G. Lindsey Elementary School, split according to students' ages, one class at Blue Mountain Middle School, and one class at Hen Hud High School.


       In these classes, we use a collaborative team approach to facilitate learning in all areas of child development.  During the school day we work on speech, socialization, fine/gross motor skills, visual skills, behavior management, ADLs, and of course academic skills!  Speech and OT are push-in services, so the classroom teachers and staff are able to carry over working on these goals throughout the school day.


    Throughout the day, our students may participate in:

    • Specials (mainstream and/or special class)
    • Whole group , small group, and individual instruction/activities
    • Speech/Language instruction and activities
    • Occupational Therapy instruction and activities
    • Social skills instruction and activities
    • Mainstream lunch and recess
    • A "Peer Buddy" program at recess (FGL)
    • Building assemblies
    • Winter and spring concerts
    • Instrumental music
    • Vocational opportunities (HS)