• Practicing Tips 

    • Create a block of time designated for practicing every day. 
    • Have a practice routine: Start with exercises/scales then move on to repertoire. 
    • Don't just play through pieces! Pick the sections that you are having trouble with and work them out. You can do a 
      "Play through" at the end of your practice session. 
    • Two words----> SLOW PRACTICE! This is probably the most important tip. If you cannot play a passage slowly, you cannot play it fast. Practice difficult passages with a metronome at half speed and as you become more comfortable with the music, work your way up to tempo. 
    • Practice chord changes slowly. Start by giving yourself 4 beats to complete the change (practice the changes at a faster pace as you become more comfortable with them).
    • Practice with a metronome! You will be given metronome markings for all of your music. 
    • Practice something fun. Playing music should be enjoyable. In between practicing difficult passages, play something that you enjoy! It makes working out the hard stuff that much easier.