• Philosophy

    Health and physical education in the Hendrick Hudson School District is an integral and required part of the total educational experience.  Our program is child-centered and focuses on participation in physical activity.  Although physical activity is the centerpiece, other unique and worthy objectives are attained through a well planned program that offers a variety of activities and experiences.  The professional staff teaches sport and movement skills integrating the concepts of health and wellness, fair play, teamwork and personal living skills, thereby nurturing a healthy and active lifestyle.



    • Objectives/Goals:
      • Students will attain competency in a variety of physical activities, which will improve cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and body composition.
      • Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior while engaged in physical activity.
      • Students will be aware and be able to access opportunities available to them within their community to engage in physical activity.
      • Students will be able to work with each other in group activities, team activities, and co-educationally to achieve common goals and /or problem solve.

    Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Governing Physical Education, Section 135.4 (Attendance), states: “All students shall attend and participate in the Physical Education Program as approved in the School Plan for Physical Education and as indicated by physician’s examinations and other tests approved by the Commissioner of Education. Individual medical certificates of limitations must indicate the area of the program in which the pupil may participate.”

    All students are required to take and satisfactorily complete Physical Education in order to meet New York State Education Department and Hendrick Hudson School District requirements, Physical Education is offered on alternate days with each course worth ¼ credits. Students will receive a numerical grade at the end of each quarter. A student must earn 2 credits in Physical Education to satisfy graduation requirements. 

    Physical Education Staff:

    Bradley Fredman, 257-5800, extension 5882                
    Craig Solomon, 257-5800, extension 5882                     
    Rosemary Malanaphy, 257-5800, extension 5883


    Teacher Name:              Physical Education Staff


    Email Address:              first name.last name


    Course Name:               Physical Education 9 - 12


    Course Description:      This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    This course will focus on learning lifetime activities through skill development, strategy, rules and sportsmanship.


    Prepared:   Students will be considered prepared for class if they change from their school clothes to shorts/sweat pants, t-shirt/sweatshirt, and sneakers. Long pants or long jeans are not acceptable attire for class. For health purposes, gym outfits are not to be worn over school clothes. School issued team uniforms may not be worn in class. Any deviation from this policy will result in a student receiving an unprepared for that class.

    NOTE: Students who are dressed for class but fail to fully participate will receive a NP (no participation) grade recorded for that class period.


    Unprepared:        Each student will be permitted one (1) unprepared per quarter without penalty. Beginning with the second (2nd) unprepared, the student will be penalized on their quarter grade for each unprepared thereafter. Student-athletes who are not prepared for Physical Education class may not attend/participate in practice or game that day.* Failure to abide by this rule may result in suspension/dismissal from the team.


    Grading:    A numerical grade in Physical Education will be issued each quarter. A final grade will be based on the quarter marks for that year. Grades will be based on effort, preparedness, class participation, progress, skills and exams.


    Attendance:         In compliance with the Hendrick Hudson School District Student Attendance Policy, a student may be denied credit in physical education, a half-year course, after ten (10) absences are accrued. The absences may be excused or unexcused.



    New York State mandates that all high school graduates complete two (2) physical education credits over four (4) years.