FWS PTA Check Request Process:

    1. Attach all receipts and/or invoices to this form. Retain copies for your files.
    2. Sales tax is not reimbursed. Please print a copy of the tax-exempt certificate, found on this website, to present to any vendors prior to incurring an expense.
    3. Obtain approval signatures as follows - If the expense has been approved in the 2017/2018 PTA budget then the approval of the committee chair is required. If the expense has not been accounted for in the 2017/2018 PTA budget, then PTA Executive Board approval is required. Contact FWStreasurer@gmail.com AND FWSpresident@gmail.com BEFORE incurring the expense.
    4. For expenses over $250 obtain the signature of your committee chair and the PTA President. 
    5. Submit completed request (and receipts/invoices) by backpack mail to: PTA Treasurer – Eva Villa c/o Ben Villa 4-W or drop off to the school office attn: PTA Treasurer – Eva Villa
    6. Once your request has been processed, a check will be cut and submitted as instructed above.

    Reimbursement Form

    FWS PTA Tax Exempt Certificate