Homework Information

  • Homework is meant to help students review and practice what is taught in school.

    Please try to stick to the following guidelines:

    • 20 minutes - Read 
      • By yourself
      • With a parent, sibling, relative, friend
      • To a stuffed animal or even to the mirror
      • Online at KidsA-Z (Click here) - Teacher Username: JGoodman11
    • 10 minutes - Math*
      • Usually a worksheet - after 10 minutes, draw a line to show where you stopped so that I know how much you were able to do in that amount of time. Please write a note on the page to show anything that you don't understand. I'd rather you try your best and get the answer wrong than leaving a problem blank. 
      • Practice your math facts with flashcards
      • Practice telling time or counting coins
      • Online - go to Zearn for individualized learning and practice (Click here)
    • 5 minutes - Cursive handwriting (Starts mid-year in February)
      • Sky write and Finger Trace the letters taught that week 
      • Homework Worksheet
      • Make it fun! - Create words using the letters learned in the Journal, finger paint, write with glitter glue or gel, or any other creative material

    *Math Homework Help - Online Resources:

    • YouTube (Click Here) - Search "Duane Habecker grade 2 module __ lesson __" (the Module number and Lesson number are listed on the worksheet)