A line is an identifiable path created by a point moving in space.  Line is one-dimensional and can vary in width, direction and length.

    There are 6 different types of line: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Curved, Zigzag and Broken/Dashed.

    Types of Lines  

    The most common use of line is to show the outline of an object.  This type of line is called a contour line. Contour lines show where an object ends.


    Image Source: http://thevirtualinstructor.com/line.html


    Lines can be used in many different ways. They can show movement, create areas of light and shadow and they can be used to suggest a mood or a feeling within a work of art.

    Lines that suggest movement...

    Movement Lines

    Lines that create areas of light and shadow...

    Shading with Lines

    Image Source:http://www.artsachieve.org/ 

    Lines can express different moods based on their thickness or thinness, fluidity or rigidness and lightness or darkness.