Emphasis is another principle of art. Artists use emphasis to make certain parts of their artwork stand out and grab your attention. The center of interest or focal point is the place the artist draws your eye to first.

    In this painting by Norman Rockwell, the viewer’s eye is drawn to the face of the man standing up in the crowd of people.  The dark wall behind the man helps to emphasize this as the focal point.


    The First Amendment, by Norman Rockwell 

     Artists use the Elements of Art to create Emphasis in their artwork.  

    In the examples below, notice where your eye is drawn within the composition of each rectangle...

    Emphasis thru Line
    Emphasis through Line

    Emphasis thru Shape
    Emphasis through Shape

    Emphasis thru Space
    Emphasis through Space

    Emphasis thru Scale
    Emphasis through Scale/Proportion

    Emphasis thru Color
    Emphasis through Color

    Emphasis thru Value
    Emphasis through Value