In order to create a professional work of art, the artist needs to plan out what he or she must do.  The more time the artists takes to plan and really think about what it is they are trying to accomplish with their artwork, the more impact the art will have with his/her audience.

    Once you have gathered constructive criticisms regarding your ideas, its time to begin creating your final project.

    Make sure that you understand all of the project requirements and that you know how you are going to incorporate them into your final project!

    Choose the idea, or parts of your different ideas and begin developing your final art.  Make sure to use the various techniques discussed and demonstrated in class by Mr. G!



    In order to solve problems, you must ask questions.  This might sound counter-productive, but asking questions gets you to think about the problem or obstacle you are facing in different ways, which might lead you to a solution.  There is not always just one way to solve a problem, especially in Art.

     Here are some questions you need to ask yourself as you think about solutions to your problems:

    • What is it about my project that is not working?
      • Why do I think it’s not working?
        • Do other people agree or disagree with me?
          • What are their reasons
    • Did I ask anyone to make a suggestion on how I can overcome this obstacle?
      • If I did ask this question, what did the person say to me?  
        • Do I agree with them?  
          • Why or why not?  
    • Have I asked anyone if they have had the same problem as me?  
      • Has anyone had the same problem as me?
        • If someone has had the same problem as me, what reason did they give for the problem?  
          • How did they solve the problem?  
    • If I were to imagine I was someone else, how would I find a solution to this problem?
      • How would they think about the problem differently than the way I thought about it?
    • Do I need to redefine the original problem?  
      • How can I look at the problem differently?
    • What else do I need to know to solve the problem?
      • Am I missing information?
        • If so, what do I think is missing?
    • If I was stranded alone on an island and I HAD to come up with a solution ALL BY MYSELF, what would I try?
    • Have I tried to implement a new solution by taking a risk?
    • Have I tried a third solution?  A fourth?  Or did I just give up when I first encountered the problem?