After submitting the final artwork, many artists will often seek feedback to gauge the success of their work. Again, the artist shares their work with others to gain more constructive criticism. He or she will then reflect, or look back on how well they met the requirements of the task given to them!

    This is a chance for you to demonstrate your thinking processes, to show what you have learned and how you have learned it. A thoughtful reflection on your artwork and how you have developed your work will help you to build your thinking skills when making Art & Design.

    Below are some possible reflection topics you might want to think about. You will be asked to write a well-developed paragraph, using complete sentences, proper punctuation, grammar and spelling that describes your reflection process.

    1. What is the main idea you were trying to express in your project? What were your intentions?
    2. How did you use the elements and principles of art throughout your art work? Talk about how you used the elements of design (line, shape, form, space, value, texture, color) in your project to achieve the following (where applicable): balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, contrast, unity.
    3. What methods did you use to develop your ideas? For example, did you brainstorm, create a concept map, research, improvise, try different materials or techniques, etc?
    4. Did you take risks by trying something new? Explain.
    5. What were some of the unexpected problems that you had to solve while you were working and what decisions and choices did you make to help solve these problems?
    6. Describe the most interesting or challenging thing you encountered while working on your project? Why was it so challenging?
    7. What did you do outside of class to help to make the project even better?
    8. If you were to experience this project again what would you change or do differently?
    9. Describe a new project/activity that might grow out of the one in which you just participated?
    10. What were you asked to do or what task or challenge did you set yourself?
    11. Did you manage to include all of the project requirements?
    12. If you had to create a title for your work of art, what would it be and why would you call it that?
    13. In this project, how well do you think you communicated your ideas and their progression in your creative process packet?
    14. Name the tools and the materials you have used and describe what you did with them:
    15. Describe something you found to be easy to do and describe why it was easy.  
    16. Describe something you found to be challenging to do and describe why it was challenging? Describe how you succeeded in meeting a challenge that you faced.
    17. Describe how your ideas changed as you developed your work.
    18. Are you pleased  or unhappy with the work you have done and describe why you feel that way?
    19. How would you improve your artwork if you had the opportunity?
    20. Is your work in any way expressive? (Exploring experiences, feelings, emotions or memories) – If so what does it express?
    21. Does your work have any mood or atmosphere? (Is it; mysterious? celebratory? commemorative? disturbing? playful? contemplative or inquisitive?) – If so how have you communicated this?
    22. What is the theme, ‘subject’ or issue being dealt with in your work?
    23. Does your work “connect” with any social, cultural, moral, personal, ethical or political issues?
    24. What have you learned from looking at others work?  Did another student help you with your project?  How?  How will this help you in the future?