• US History Research Paper:   There are 2 due dates.         Mr. Hallock Per # 9    We are going to the school Library on  Monday & Tuesday 3/9  &  3/10  

    1st -- - March 19th: Your 30 index cards from 6 sources are to be brought to class and I will check them for clarity and give the ok for you to transcribe them into a typed research paper. See bottom of page 3 for both short & offset quote methods & directions.

    2nd the completed paper Due on April 16, 2020. Task: Create and analyze a specific claim that that evaluates the impact of an enduring historical issue.

    Directions: The paper must be typed and adhere to proper MLA formatting and citations.

    o Double Space

    o Times New Roman 12 Font

    o A works cited page and bibliography

    o Meet the required length for your respective grades

    o 11th grade- 6 full pages. No more no less- 6 FULL pages

    Sources: You must use at least 6 sources

    ***These sources must be reputable; best sources usually will be from websites that end in “gov, edu Org” and you must include 2 sources from historical, scholarly books from the HS library and or the Montrose free Library

    You are not allowed to use Wikipedia, the Onion and or anonymous sources ***

    Grading: Your paper will be graded on the following basis:

    1. Title page stapled top left hand corner at a 45 degree angle, 1st page Introduction—Thesis, a full page written argument aligned to your thesis statement that is part of your paper’s main body = 6 pages and a Conclusion =25 points, Page numbers on bottom of each page –Except the title page and bibliography page are not part of your 6 pages.
    2. Quality of information and evidence analytical v descriptive. Do not write in the 1st person- analyze do not describe = 30 points
    3. Organization and development = 25 points
    4. MLA Format/Works cited/Bibliography = 10 points
    5. Spelling, grammar and neatness = 10 points

    Plagiarism: As per our district policy, this assignment will reflect the updated Academic Integrity Policy. Please

    refresh yourself with this on district’s website.

    Lateness policy: All papers are required to be submitted via turnitin.com at the required date and time. AND You will also hand in a copy of your typed & completed term paper to Mr. Hallock on  April 16, 2020 any late paper will be penalized 10 points per late day. Any paper not handed in within a week will not be graded, unless under extenuating circumstances.

    Format and structure of paper:

    _______ Font is Times New Roman 12 pt.

    _______ Paper is double-spaced with proper 1-inch margins for the page

    _______ Proper heading is present on all pages of paper

    _______ Adheres to proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other writing mechanics

    _______Format of paper meets basic MLA criteria

    Use of sources:

    _______Meets minimum number of credible sources

    _______Inclusion of parenthetical citations to support claim/thesis

    _______Inclusion of a works cited page

    ________ 1 offset quote and 2 short quotes. No quotes are to be used in the intro or the conclusion. Offset quotes have no “ marks. Only “short quotes” that do not exceed 2 sentences have “marks.” See bottom of page 3 for offset quote directions.

    _______2 sets of 20 index cards (at least) that follow proper guidelines. You will use these to write notes OR quotes from your sources. Remember to paraphrase as you write on your index cards and indicate what source they come from.

                                                                Development of paper:

    _______Topic chosen addresses the context of assignment

    _______A well developed and analytical claim/thesis. 1-2 sentences at the end of your introduction that clearly shows your view and the paper’s intent.

    _______ A strong introduction that sets the tone of the paper

    _______ numerous body paragraphs that include relevant information to support claim, including the presence of a strong topic transitory sentence from each paragraph.

    _______ A conclusion that goes beyond restating key points of the introduction and body as well as connecting the theme of your paper.

    DO NOT WRITE IN THE FIRST PERSON. “I think I believe, I will show”

                            CHECKLIST FOR RESEARCH 11th grade topics                     


    1. The future of abortion in America. You must include Roe v Wade 1973
    2. The struggle for equality for specific groups within the nation. African Americans, Native Americans, and or the Marriage Equality Act
    3. Choose 2 pairs of SC Cases & compare  of them they are : 1st Tinker v. Des Moines1969, & TLO v NJ. 2nd Marbury v Madison & Gibbons v Ogden, 1824. 3rd Wabash, St. Louis, and Pacific Railroad Company v. Illinois, 1886 Compared to Munn v Illinois 1879.
    4. #Me-too Movement and women’s rights in the 21st century
    5. Explain the rise of Labor Unions. What is their present status?
    6. Reforming the healthcare system. What needs to be reformed? Was President Obama’s plan the correct one? Do the Democrats or the Republicans have the right answers?
    7. Treatment of American Veterans i.e., Health Care.8. Are African Americans owed Compensation for slavery aka Reparations.
    8. The 1964 Civil Rights Act & the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Why did it take 100 years to bring federal protection to African Americans?
    9. Name and explain 2 US Govt economic decisions and explain the Economic plan, purpose, and outcomes. Ex: Transcontinental RxR, Eisenhower Interstate highway system, Social Security, Home Stead Act, Too big to fail, Hamilton’s Financial Plan, The Great Depression
    10. Name 2 hate groups that are identified as such by the Southern Poverty Law center explain their background and why they are a threat. What is the solution?
    11. FDR removes America from the National Gold Standard. Why? What has been the result? Why did Nixon eliminate America’s use of the international gold standard?
    12. Reforming the welfare system. Explain 2 Entitlement programs and their background and what their future looks like?
    13. How is the 14th Amendment’s Equality of the laws used to protect our Civil rights? Use 2 examples by examining 2 SC cases. 14. The 16th Amendment was about taxing the wealthy. Now the middle class pay about 33% in taxes. Why the shift to the middle class paying so much?
    14. Tax cuts and tax reform within the United States. Reaganomics must be a part of your paper and its trickledown theory.
    15. The role of corporate America in the economy and the government (too much or too little). Must include the SC case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010), is a landmark United States Supreme Court caseconcerning campaign finance. This rulingeffectively freed labor unions and corporations to spend money on electioneering communications and to advocate for the election or defeat of candidates. Explain both the negatives and positives of this case.
    16. Trade imbalances/deficits between the United States and major trading partners
    17. Two Presidential Executive Orders and their impact.
    18. Analyzing US industrial production and consumption with regards to global warming
    19. The partisan divide between major political parties. When did this become so volatile? What are some solutions? What is meant by bi-partisanship?
    20. Understanding the role of America as the leader of the free world. Show at least 3 historic and or present examples
    21. Evaluating the presence of American in Afghanistan’s ongoing conflict
    22. Questioning US strategy towards nuclear proliferation in: North Korea and Iran
    23. Examining the 2nd Amendment in relation to mass shootings within the United States. You must include the SC holding Heller v Washington D.C. 2008. 
    24. The impact of lobbying in American politics.
    1. Analyzing the Electoral College in the 21st century USA. Is it our dated or necessary?
    2. Continued involvement of the USA in international alliances (UN, NATO, SEATO)
    3. Name and explain 2 foreign policy issues between 1900 and today. Why were they passed and what effect did they have?
    4. Name and explain 2 Supreme Court decisions and what caused the court to hear the cases and what was the outcome? Cannot use any SC cases from # 3 above.


    Offset quote defined:  (also known as block quotation and or a long quotation or extract) is a quotation in a written document that is set off from the main text as a paragraph, or block of text, and typically distinguished visually using indentation and a different typeface and smaller size font and single-spaced in the middle of page. Example:


    Lincoln wanted the civil war to end as fast as possible. He said


                               I have no malice to the South. The South never succeeded from

                                the Union My goal is to reunite the Country with malice

                               toward none. We need America to heal and move forward as

                                one nation (citation)


    However many in Congress did not agree with him. Therefore, Lincoln was at odds with the Radical Republicans who wanted to punish the Confederacy. In opposition was Senator Charles Sumner who called it “a foolish plan and the (short quote)  rebels needed to be punished.” Unfortunately, Lincoln’s assassination would change the destiny for America and reconstruction. (Citation)


    Parents please sign off below and keep this for your records. This term paper is a District decision and the kids will have plenty of time to complete this research topic. Learning how to do research and type a term paper is a valuable skill that will help them in college.



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    This term paper has 2 steps

    1st -- - March 19th: Your 30 index cards from 6 ( 5 cards per source minimum) sources are to be brought to class. Each card will have the biographical information on it for organization purposes or a code OR a separate colored index card for each biographical source. The student must ALSO bring their bibliography Page done per school policy and a brief explanation of how each source is related to the topic. The bibliography is typed on a separate piece of paper.  March 19th 2020 the Bibliography AND a minimum of 30 index cards that indicate whether each card is a direct quote or paraphrased from its respective source. I will check their work at stage # 1  for clarity and give the ok for them to begin stage #2  to transcribe their index cards  into a typed research paper. See bottom of page 3 for both short & offset quote methods & directions.

    2nd the completed paper due on April 16, 2020. Lateness policy: All papers are required to be submitted via turnitin.com at the required date and time. AND every student will also hand in a copy of their typed & completed term paper to Mr. Hallock on  April 16, 2020 any late paper will be penalized 10 points per late day. Any paper not handed in within a week will not be graded, unless under extenuating circumstances.

    See above pages 1-3 for detailed instructions and topic choices.