Reading Process

  •  Reading Exposes us to Life!


    Fiction or non-fiction, there's always something to be discovered.  It could be knowledge gained or exciting experiences.

    I look forward to sharing exciting experiences with you this year!

    In Reading, my approach is to teach from concrete to abstract.

    Grades K-2

    Let's take one step at a time and learn the parts of the words that make a whole.

    Using a Multi-sensory approach (Spalding)we will work on word attack & blending strategies in order to read fluently.

    cvc (3 letter), consonant blends, magic e words, phonograms ( 2 or more letters that make one sound), encoding(spelling) and decoding are all a part of building the foundation to reading.

    This requires consistent repetition and practice. Homework is essential for success. 

    Finally,...We read material, which help apply sounds taught to build fluency/accuracy.

    Comprehension is incorporated into all lessons.

    Grades 1-5

    Through reading of text, we learn the strategies (or secrets) that help us to understand what we are reading. Strategies are directly taught from concrete to abstract.   We learn the individual skills and strategies in isolation and then through application. 

    Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a Fountas & Pinnell Reading program which incorporates word work and comprehension strategies through daily reading of both fiction and non-fiction text. 


    Homework is a very important part of the program. It reinforces the daily lessons.

    Sounds on a ring should be practiced daily.

    books sent home should be reread daily

    On weekends, homework is not assigned, but reading of books should continue.