reading Reading class is 30 minutes a day. Please work with your child on reading assignments for 30 minutes daily.

    A Packet was sent home  for K-5 

    Please review all of the sounds taught

    Do a practice page 

     Read a book using word attack strategies and discuss the book.

    Do iready lessons alternate with Epic (password provided on the packet page)


    Kindergarten: letter names and sounds of the letters a-z

    practice reading cvc words such as cat, sit, pot,mud,pen

    read a sight word book a day that was sent home. Please reread the book several times. 

    First grade: vowels plus ai, ay, ee, ea,oe,oa,ow, eigh 

    Second Grade:Do practice pages and read

    Third & Fourth Grade: Comprehension practice -Do one unit a week.

    Fifth grade: Review sounds on a ring, read novel.


    Please feel free to contact me through email: anna.polao@henhudschools.org