• Tax Calculator

    The Hendrick Hudson School district is considering implementing the Princeton Plan, a grade-based reorganization of school buildings, as a structural cost savings initiative.

    In November 2019, a Cost Analysis Study demonstrated that the Princeton Plan may be a way to mitigate tax increases due to Indian Point’s upcoming closure and the end of its PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreement with the district. Over the years, these payments have accounted for approximately a third of the district’s operating budget.

    In early 2020, a Princeton Plan Stakeholder Committee was formed to study the feasibility of implementing the Princeton Plan here in the district. Over the past several months, the committee has met with representatives from multiple school districts where the plan has been implemented; Hendrick Hudson’s elementary school teachers and principals have been meeting with colleagues from other districts to discuss the merits, as well as the challenges, of the plan; and numerous community forums have been held, where residents and parents have had an opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.

    We are providing this Tax Calculator as a tool you can use to project your tax impacts over the next ten years, both with and without the Princeton Plan.*

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Find your Assessed Value on your school tax bill. Here is a Sample School Tax Bill from the Town of Cortlandt. The Explanation of Tax Bill Items is number-coded to the sample tax bill and can help you find your Assessed Value, which is listed under #6 on the sample document. If you are a City of Peekskill resident, you will need to refer to your own tax bill.
    2. Open the Tax Calculator, and enter your Assessed Value amount in the box correlating to the municipality where you pay taxes. You should replace the red numbers with your own value.
    3. Gauge your projected tax impacts from year to year.

    *This calculator is provided for estimating purposes and is not a definitive tax projection, as school district revenue and expenses may change from year to year. Additionally, the calculator does not take into account STAR rebates or any other governmental tax-saving incentives.