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    Transportation FAQ

    When will bus routes be produced for the 2022-2023 school year?

    Routes are being developed using transportation software to minimize route length and duration. We anticipate DRAFT routes will be developed in March and will be shared with parents on the Parent Portal. 

    Will bus ride times increase as a result of the Princeton Plan implementation?  Can additional buses be added in order to shorten ride times?

    Bus ride time depends on the number of children on the bus and number of bus stops. In addition to our full size bus fleet, we will also use small buses and vans to transport children to decrease ride time.

    Are bus routes going to be assigned based on the school or the students’ addresses?

    Bus routes are assigned based on a software program designed to provide the shortest rides possible from home to school. 

    How will drop-off and pick-up times be coordinated with different start times for each elementary school?  

    Start and end times for next school year are the same as this school year:

        • Furnace Woods : 8:20AM - 2:35PM
        • FGL: 9:00AM - 3:15PM
        • BV: 9:00AM - 3:15PM

    Will more buses be needed to transport students under the Princeton Plan model? 

    No. We do not need to add buses or drivers to accommodate the change to the Princeton Plan.

    Will FW students ride the bus with middle school students?

    No. Furnace Woods students will have their own bus run in the morning and afternoon. 

    Will children from the same family attending different schools ride the same bus?

    Students attending FW will have their own bus run in the morning and afternoon.

    Students attending FGL and BV will ride the bus together in the morning. FGL and BV will have separate buses in the afternoon which will reduce the duration of afternoon bus runs.

    Will buses be more crowded under the Princeton Plan?  Is it possible that my child will not have a place on a bus due to maximum capacity being reached on our bus route?

    We anticipate bus ridership to be the same next year as it is this year. All children will be provided transportation. 

    Will efforts be made to limit the length of bus rides for special education students?

    Students requiring special transportation are scheduled separately and with special consideration to minimize the length of bus ride. 

    Will it be possible for my children to be situated in one school for before/after-school programs (Mother Connection)?

    Mother Connection is developing their program for next school year and will communicate directly with families. 

    Will bus stop locations change?  For example, will they be consolidated in order to shorten lengths of bus rides?  If so, will these stops be safe for students to get to?

    Bus stops may change in order to minimize the number of overall stops, which will shorten bus rides. All stops will be reviewed by our transportation personnel to ensure student safety. 

    If buses are going to drop students off at different schools, how will students be prompted to get off at the correct school, particularly the youngest students?

    Since students attending FGL and BV will be on the same morning bus, they will have identifiable tags/markers on their backpack indicating which school they attend to ensure they get off at the correct school and adults are aware. 

    Will it be possible for families to drop their students off at one school and have them be transported to their assigned schools from there? 

    This is currently not an option that will be offered.

    Will practice bus runs be conducted prior to the start of school in the fall?

    Before the opening of the school year, drivers practice their routes. We will continue this practice as some drivers may have new routes and stops. Being familiar with the route will be of utmost importance.

    Will children cross the street to get on and off the bus?
    Yes. Children have always crossed various streets to get on and off the bus, and will continue to do so next year. Any instance where a child has to cross the street next year is the same as this year and in past years. 
    How was it determined which buses would drop off at FGL and BV in the morning?
    The bus routing software helped dictate which buses would drop off at FGL and BV. This is done to minimize ride time and to divide morning bus drop-off times at each school. This will also ease traffic congestion, as many parents will continue to drive their child(ren) to school. 
    Will staff board the bus to help students exit at the appropriate school in the morning?
    If necessary, staff will board the bus at FGL and BV to ensure children exit the bus at the appropriate school, and the bus driver will also assist. Moreover, each child will have a school-specific backpack tag to indicate which school they attend.