Surveillance Cameras


    The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to promote and foster school safety and ensure a safe and effective learning environment.  Policy 8135.1

    After having carefully considered and balanced the rights of privacy with the District’s duty to promote discipline, health, welfare and safety of staff and students, as well as that of the general public who has occasion to use school facilities, the Board supports the use of surveillance cameras when necessary in its schools, its buses and/or on school grounds.  

    District surveillance cameras will only be utilized in public areas where there is no “reasonable expectation of privacy.”  Audio recordings may be utilized by the School District officials; such prohibition does not preclude the use of audio recordings by law enforcement officials in accordance with their official duties and/or as otherwise authorized by law.

    Requests for viewing or for a copy of a recording must be made in writing, consistent with all State and Federal regulations, including the New York State Freedom of Information Law, to the Superintendent and his/her designee.  Pursuant to New York State Archives and Records Management Law, if there has been no such request, the recording will be destroyed.