• Lesson # 6

    Wistful-You are wistful if you feel as though your wishes probably won't come true.

    Grateful-To be grateful is to feel thankful for someone or something.

    Grim-If something looks grim, it appears serious and forbidding.

    Raspy-A raspy noise sounds rough and harsh, like sandpaper scraping wood.

    Swarmed-If animals have swarmed, they have moved quickly and gathered in large numbers.

    Revelers-Revelers are people who are having fun at a lively party or celebration.

    Lesson #7

    Fret-When you fret about something, you keep thinking and worrying about it.

    Assured-If someone assured you of something, he or she has said words to make you feel positive that things will be all right.

    Nudged-If you nudged a person or thing, you pushed it or poked it gently.

    Outlandish-If something is outlandish, it is bizzare, strange and unusual.

    Ruckus-To raise a ruckus is to make a lot of noise and fuss about something.

    Proclaimed-If you have announced something to a group of people, you have proclaimed it.

    Lesson #8

    Crucial-If something is crucial, it is extremely important.

    Crisis-A crisis is a situation that suddenly becomes very dangerous or difficult.

    Maneuvered-To have maneuvered something is to have moved it or guided it very carefully.

    Perseverance-If you try hard and don't give up, you are showing perseverence.

    Encountered-If you encountered someone, you met that person unexpectedly.

    Persuading-Persuading someone means trying to get him or her to agree with your plan or opinion.

    Appealed-If you have appealed to someone, you have made a request with a lot of feeling.

    Destiny-To believe in destiny is to feel that certain things will happen because they were meant to be.

    Lesson #9

    Scholars-Scholars are people who have studied certain topics and know a lot about them.

    Specialized-Someone who has specialized in something has given it most of his or her time and attention.

    Gesture-A gesture is something you say or do in order to express a feeling to someone.

    Envisioned-If you have pictured something in your mind, you have envisioned it.

    Proportioned-If something is in proportion, none of its parts are too large or too small.

    Resisted-If a person or an object has resisted, that person or object was very difficult or impossible to change.

    Lesson #10

    Eminent-An eminent person is well known and important.

    Charity-Charity is showing kindness by giving money or gifts to organizations that need them.

    Modest-A modest person does not brag or show off.

    Disgruntled-If you are disgruntled, you are unhappy because things have not turned out the way you wanted.

    Inadequate-Something that is inadequate is not as good or as large as it needs to be.

    Aghast-If you are aghast, you feel shocked and disgusted about something.

    Dismayed-When you are dismayed, you are upset about something and unsure of how to deal with it.

    Amends-When you amend something, you make positive changes, such as amending a shopping list or a recipe.

    Absentminded-Someone who is absentminded forgets things easily.

    Concoction-A concoction is a mix of different things, often put together without much planning.