Students will fill out an application checklist below to verify what information they would like sent on their behalf.  Students should be specific as to what they need sent by the guidance office and what they have already taken care of online or on their own.  


    *Never assume that we know what you want sent. 

      Every student application has specific needs 



    How are the applications obtained?


    Individual college applications may be obtained directly from the admissions office at the college.  Some may be downloaded and printed directly from the school’s website, while others may request that you call to receive an application. 


    • The Common Application 

    Close to 300 colleges and Universities use this 4 page application to gather initial information for admission to their undergraduate programs.  It can be completed once and then printed or sent electronically at 


    In addition supplements for individual schools can be downloaded and supply the school with additional information.  Teacher Evaluation can be filled out by teachers

    electronically and a Secondary school report form will to be sent by the counselor with the High School transcript. 


    • The SUNY Application 

    This is SUNY’s own version of the common app.   You can apply to most but not all of the 64 campuses.  The application comes in the view book that can be obtained through guidance usually in late September or online at  


    The SUNY application is sent to the processing center in Albany and then the information is sent to the individual campus admission office.  You will receive confirmation from the processing center and soon after a request for more information (called Part Two) from each individual school.  Supplemental information, essays résumé’s and letters of recommendation are included as some examples of what a school is looking for in a Part 2.  This information will be sent directly back to the requesting campus. 


    Online Applications

    It is very important that if the application is done on line that the guidance office is informed immediately so that the appropriate information may be sent to the admissions office in a timely fashion. 



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