Paper Applications

  •    If a school does not accept electronic applications students must:


    Bring applications to the guidance office with an envelope* for each application, large enough to hold the following:

    • Secondary School Report form
    • High School  transcript
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Resume, essay or additional materials

    and enough stamps to mail the package.   


    *4x9 or 6x9 envelopes hold up to ten pieces of paper neatly.   

    A 9x12 envelope is not needed.  


    Envelopes should be addressed to the College Admissions office and   the return address should be left blank or list the Hendrick Hudson guidance office and the High School address. 


    Your name should not be listed in the return address. 


    The student portion of the application should be completely filled out, name, address… and the confidentiality agreement/waiver must be signed. 



    Letters of recommendation that teachers have written on the student’s behalf will be kept on file and copied for each application.   


    The guidance counselor will look the application over and sign the secondary school report and transcript. 


    The secretaries will attach the transcript, and letters of recommendation, senior year grades,  Essay’s, resumes, or supplemental materials that you request be sent.