Role of the Counselor - Junior Year

  • Keep in mind this is a list of activities the counselor must do with all students. Many of these responsibilities such as IEP’s and 504’s may be ongoing throughout the entire year. Also know the counselors are still available for individual meetings throughout the year by appointment.



    -          Resolve Schedule conflicts during beginning of the month.

    -          Back to school meeting


    -          Finish Resume through Naviance

    -          PSAT & SAT information sessions

    -          College fair – Yorktown High School

    -          Meet with Revolutionary Prep representative

    -          Method Prep Test for PSAT & SAT


    -          Parent/teacher night

    -          Parent/teachers re-introduced to Naviance


    -          Review progress of at risk students

    -          PSAT results explained

    -          Financial Aid workshop for parents



    -          Tech interest visit for those entering 1 year program

    -          ESL Parent Night

    -          Comprise “At risk” list

    -          Update IEP goals

    -          Annual CSE meetings begin


    -          CSE/504’s meetings

    -          Scheduling 2 weeks in lab, classes for junior year

    -          Begin scheduling process, students input course requests

    -          Begin college search. Counselors go over college application process

    -          Inform them of private march meetings


    -          Parent Night

    -          Meet with students individually for future college choices

    -          Junior family meetings begin


    -          Continue resume through Naviance

    -          Review progress of at risk students

    -          Continue Junior Family Meetings

    -          Finalize career resume in English classrooms

    -          Discuss NCAA release forms with student athletes

    -          Meet in classroom with juniors to go over transcript

    -          Discuss college fair with junior students

    -          Meet with at risk students prior to beginning of 4th quarter


    -          College fair for junior students

    -          Update IEP goals

    -          CSE’s / 504 meetings


    -          Review class choices for senior year

    -          Meet with case managers during regents week to ensure proper placement for those with IEP’s

    -          Grades are sent out

    -          Summer school recommendations are sent.

    -          Adjust schedules for class failures