College Information

  • Thinking about applying to college can be an overwhelming experience.  The journey through the application process does not need to be a stressful one!


    Applying to college is only as stressful as you choose for it to be!



    Counselors begin talking with students about students future plans with their very first meeting and continue each subsequent meeting.  A short contact about a schedule request or a graduation requirement may sometimes plant the seed of academic growth. Formal planning of the college process begins in the junior year.  If you wish you may plan a more formal meeting with a counselor at an earlier time. 


    In the spring of junior year a each student will receive an family appointment with his or her counselor, to discuss post secondary planning. 


    In the fall there will be a college information night for Seniors and their parents. Detailed information on application timeline and requirements will be reviewed at the night program and individual student meeting.