• PLEASE NOTE:If you are ask a teacher to write you a letter of recommendation,you must have a conversation with them.  Some teachers require you supply them with a resume or fill out some information before they will write a letter on your behalf.  Simply sending an e-mail request to a teacher is not enough. 


    You will need to let your counselor know exactly what should go with the application by filling out an application checklist below. 


    Students should be specific as to what they need sent by the guidance office and what they have already taken care of online or on their own. 


    SAT and ACT Score Reports Must now be sent directly  to the College Admissions offices From the College Board and ACT test administration Center. 


    The application will be sent electroniclly  and logged out of the guidance office the day it is mailed. 


    Students or their parents will not be given transcripts to be sent on their own.  An official transcript is one that is signed by the counselor, sealed with the school stamp and sent directly from Hendrick Hudson High School to the College or University. 


    At our busiest time, applications may take a week or two to be processed from the time they are handed in. 

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