Juniors - College Process

  • Junior year is very important. Consider this the prep time of the college process. The steps you will take during this year are crucial to making the college process an easier and less stressful experience during your senior year. You may not do everything on this list in your junior year, but keep these things in mind as you go through your junior year. It is beneficial to you to keep these items in mind. Do not be afraid to ask your counselor any questions or voice any concerns as you go through this process. We are always here to help, all you have to do is ask.


    1.       Any schedule changes will take place early in the month.

    2.       Start the school year on a strong note.

    3.       Start a college search. 

    4.    Begin your resume.

    5.       Prepare to take PSATs.

    1.       Collegeboard.com for preparation tips and practice questions

    2.       If you need to request testing accommodations, speak with your counselor ASAP


    1.       Register / take the PSATs.



    1.       Continue your college search. See what colleges you may be interested in. Start building a list if you’re ready to. Speak to alumni of the high school who may visit to get information on the transition, as well as their experience at their college.

    2.       If you find yourself highly interested in a school, try to schedule a visit.


    1.       Review PSAT scores.

    a.       What are your strengths?

    b.      What are you weaknesses?

    c.       What can you do to improve before the SATs?

    d.      How can this impact your college search if you have already begun looking at schools.


    a.       If you feel prepared, take the SATs in March.

    b.      If not, continue practicing on your own. You can find practice tests online

    a.       Practice Test 1

    b.      Practice Test 2

    c.       Practice Test 3


    a.       Continue building a college list.

    b.      Discuss any college options with your parents/guardians.

    c.       Begin making list of any questions you and your family will have for your counselor during family appointment.

    d.      Consider what classes you will be registering for senior year.

    a.       Are these good choices for colleges you are interested in?

    b.      Are you taking any A.P.’s?

                                                                   i.      Only take an A.P. if you feel you can do well. Do not overload yourself, A.P.’s only look good if you can do well. If you feel it may be too much, excel in regular courses.


    a.       Attend college fairs to get more information on colleges of interest.

    b.      Family appointments take place. Come prepared with your questions and concerns.


    a.       Take AP exams if applicable.

    b.      Take SAT test if you are ready. Many juniors take the SAT for the first time. You can always take another SAT test in the fall.

    c.       SAT II’s are also during this time. If you feel these can help boost your chances into getting into your school of choice and you can excel in these tests, take them.  

    d.      Work on your resume through Naviance’s resume builder. Whenever something new comes up, be sure to add it. You want to give the colleges a full picture of who you are and what you have done.


    a.       End the school year on a strong note.

    b.      Prepare to keep yourself busy over the summer months

    a.       Get a summer reading list together. These can be anything of interest, books that may be good to talk about in a college essay or interview, or anything that will continue to grow your vocabulary.

    b.      A summer job can help pay for college. It is also something relevant to add to your resume.

    c.       Consider any volunteer work or if possible, an internship that can help you get experience in a career field you are interested in.