• Students have been given access to this web-based software that allows you to have a wealth of information on careers and colleges.   Students are able to use:  

    • College Search - which uses size, majors, cost, geographic location etc. to select colleges.
    • Scattergrams - which compares a senior's GPA and SAT scores with that of  past Hendrick Hudson High School students that have applied to a particular college. A graph is used to visually represent where he or she falls among other accepted or rejected students to that college.  
    • College Compare - allows you to compare average grade point averages and test scores for accepted students from Hen Hud for up to ten colleges at a time using a chart.
    • College Match - takes your college choices and lists similar colleges to which you may want to apply. Naviance draws from past national data to illustrate :   if  someone applied to college A to which other colleges have they also applied. This could help you find similar schools to add to your list.
    • My Colleges - allows you to explore information, graphs, websites, college data and overlaps. Where college match uses a national sample, overlaps in  'My Colleges'  uses data from only previous  Hendrick Hudson students to determine matching colleges.
    • Scholarship List - a listing of applications that are or will be available in the Guidance Office. Many of  these scholarships are sponsored by local organizations.
    • Visit Schedule - which details when college representatives will be in the Guidance Office to speak with interested Seniors.
    • Exploring Careers - a tool that allows a student to get information on many careers and also allows them to complete a career interest inventory.

    This is just some of what is available at  We will soon be sending parents your own access code but certainly your son or daughter can provide you with access for now.

    Admission to College is not just a matter of test scores and GPA's. Though a very helpful guide, there is more to the process and more that an admissions office takes into account when accepting students. That is why it is important to visit colleges, listen to college representatives, read college websites and speak with your guidance counselor.

    Important information may be sent to every student via Naviance Inbox on a regular basis. These messages will also be sent to your email addresses. Please be sure that we have your correct email address and please check the inbox regularly.