Elementary Level

  • Philosophy

    The Hendrick Hudson School District elementary physical education program focuses on meeting the individual needs of the student. It is structured to provide each child with an opportunity to develop social and physical skills along with an understanding of a variety of physical activities. By exposing children to many different physical activities and experiences, students learn to develop the capacity to analyze their own physical, emotional, intellectual and social well- being. This exposure allows each student to take appropriate measures to maintain a balance that will lead to a productive, happy, and healthy life. The elementary physical education program aims to create an enjoyment of physical activity that extends outside the school setting.


    1. Analyze and improve K-5 Physical Education curriculum, instruction, evaluation and facility usage.

    2. Improve the cardiovascular fitness and awareness of all students.

    3. Concentrate on improving each individual’s self-image through successful participation, whether that is in class, intramural or interscholastic activities.

    4. Convince each student of the value of personal fitness and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

    Program Grades K-5

    Team Sports:

    Basketball, whiffleball, soccer, football, volleyball, floor hockey, team handball, kickball, lacrosse, tennis

    Rhythm and Dance:

    Folk dance, contemporary dance, line dance, parachute activities

    Locomotor Skills:

    Hopping, galloping, jumping, relay races, gymnastics, chasing and fleeing games

    Manipulative skills:

    Juggling, throwing and catching, ball skills, dodging skills

    Physical Fitness:

    Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition

    These concepts are embedded in the entire program throughout the school year. This may be evident during warm-ups, cool downs wrestling, track and field, gymnastics and physical fitness testing.

    Program K-3

    Motor/Movement Skill Development

    The basic foundations of the physical education program at the elementary level are to prepare each child with skills he/she will need to master future activities. A proper attitude toward participation and awareness of self is also stressed in a planned program.

    Program 4-5

    The physical education program in grades 4-5 differs from the K-3 level. At this level we begin to expose the students to many team activities. They include football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. We also include exposure to a number of individual activities such as cross country running, and rope jumping.

    During each unit the basic skills of the sport are explained, demonstrated and practiced. A lead up game, game situation, or a culminating activity is used to complete the unit. Team concepts and sportsmanship are stressed in all activities on a daily basis. Some of the concepts are community, sharing duties and equipment, substitution when necessary, and positive reinforcement to teammates.

    Physical fitness is a daily part of our curriculum. We vary the stretching and conditioning exercises to complement the specific unit we are teaching. At varied times during the year we will spend a whole class just on fitness activities. During these times we stress cardiovascular fitness.


    All elementary students participate in physical education for forty minutes twice a week.


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