Related Services

  • The Hendrick Hudson School district has a number of Related Services available to students who are academically impacted by specific delays or impairments. 

    The following are descriptions of services that may be recommended:

    • Speech and Language Therapy - the treatment of speech/language deficits and disorders.
    • Counseling - assistance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties.
    • Occupational Therapy - helps to improve basic fine motor functions, sensory needs and visual skills.
    • Physical Therapy – helps to improve gross motor function and safe negotiation of the school environment.

    Determination for the need of services:

    Students may be referred to the Instructional Support Team (IST) where students are discussed by a group of school professionals who make recommendations for screenings and/or services. Where eligible for classification, students may also be recommended for services through the Section 504 Committee or the Committee on Special Education.