College Recommendation Checklist


    College Recommendation Checklist

    Be sure to answer all of these questions to the BEST of your ability. It will only help me write the strongest recommendation that I can!

    Print out this page and write your answers in the available space. You can drop the sheet off, email it back as an attachment, or have Mrs. Small or Mrs. Wheeler place it in my mailbox.


    Mrs. A

    1) Full Name:


    2) List the years and classes I have taught you.

    3) List ALL clubs, sports, activities you are involved in (even if it is outside of Hen Hud). You can attach a resume if you’d like.


    4) List any significant achievements, awards, or contests that you have won/received.

    5) Please list your current job(s).

    6) Why do you think I can represent you for this school?


    7) Please attach all forms and necessary information that I am to fill out/send.

    8) Please provide your email address in case I have any questions.


    9) Please provide the name of your guidance counselor.