General Music

  • Below you will find course descriptions for the General Music and Music Theory courses offered at Hendrick Hudson High School. Courses are offered based on enrollment and availibility.


    GUITAR THEORY 1 Full Year
    Course – 7027 (Grades 9 - 12) 1 Credit

    Guitar Theory is an introductory course designed for any student who wishes to be involved in
    instrumental music. No musical knowledge or experience is necessary to participate. We will cover the basics of guitar maintenance and performance through the study of real songs and specialized exercises. Pick technique, basic chording, finger picking and soloing are all studied through a varied repertoire of pop, rock, R&B, folk and other styled songs. The basics of music theory will be covered and shown how they relate specifically to the guitar. Chord construction, scale construction, and lead sheet reading are all topics that will be covered. There will be many opportunities for performance throughout the year, some are required.

    GUITAR THEORY 2 Full Year
    Course – 7032 (Grades 10 - 12) 1 Credit
    Prerequisite: Guitar Theory 1

    Guitar Theory II is available to those students that have successfully completed Guitar Theory I or can demonstrate an equal level of performance. This class builds on what was covered in GT I. More advanced chording, picking techniques and chord progressions will be covered, again from varied styles and genres. There will be an emphasis on individual and group performances focusing on large ensemble arrangements and student compositions. Theory will be expanded to include more complex chord progressions and formal structures. This class is for students wishing to continue to participate in a premiere performing ensemble.

    MUSIC THEORY 1 Full Year
    Course – 7028 (Grades 9 - 12) 1 Credit

    Students should come to this course with a basic knowledge of music. Rudimentary knowledge of
    keyboard is helpful, but not required. The aims and objectives of this first level course are to provide a varied study of the fundamentals of music including: music notation; tonality; scale structure (major, minor, chromatic, and modal) and basic chord structure and progression (tonic, subdominant, dominant); music terminology; ear training (sight, singing, and dictation); basic composition, orchestration, and arranging. Students will study scores of various composers in order to connect the theoretical with the practical.

    MUSIC THEORY 2 Full Year
    Course – 7029 (Grades 10 - 12) 1 Credit
    Prerequisite: Music Theory 1

    The aims and objectives of this course are to supplement and follow Music Theory 1; the essential
    materials used in Bach four part chorales; more advanced composition and arranging classical and jazz; discussion and application of the techniques of improvisation; discussion and application of basics involved in electronic music and contemporary composition; and advanced ear training. Students study complex scoring and compositions and are engaged in project writing for various groups and styles.