This year grades k-2 will be using a phonics/spelling program called Fundations.  Fundations “is a phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program.” (Wilson Language).  

    This program is different from the typical spelling curriculums because it takes “a comprehensive approach to spelling and provides students with the skills they need to spell both words that are phonetically regular (follow the rules of the English language) and the ten percent of the words in our language that are phonetically irregular (Trick Words).  

    The great news is, that there are no “spelling lists/test” each week to be memorized (except for Trick Words). There will be weekly HW assignments using a list of words that represent the spelling rules/concepts from that week. Students‘ understanding of spelling is assessed at the end of each unit on a Unit Test. Each unit test will cover the spelling rules and concepts and Trick Words taught in that unit.  Words from past units are also included. Units are about two weeks each.  Unit tests will come at the end of the second week.   

    “In each unit the students learn spelling rules and concepts that teach them the structure of the English language.  With this knowledge, they are able to spell many more words than they would if they were exposed to a memorized list of ten or twenty words.  Because they learn why the words are spelled the way they are, they are able to better apply this knowledge to daily written work.” - Wilson Language

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