Letter-Sound of the Week

  • Letter & Phonic of the Week

    Please practice these letters and corresponding phonetic sounds with your child. He or she should be able to tell you the name of the letter (Aa) and the sound it makes like /a/ at the beginning of apple. I will list the letter and picture cue for each so you will know which key sound to focus on. 


    Aa- apple /a/

    Bb- bat- /b/

    Cc- cat- /c/

    Dd- dog- /d/

    Ee- Ed- /e/

    Ff- fun- /f/

    Gg- game- /g/

    Hh- hat- /h/

    Ii- itch- /i/

    Jj- jug- /j/

    Kk- kite- /k/

    Ll- lamp- /l/

    Mm- man- /m/

    Nn- nut- /n/

    Oo- octopus- /o/

    Pp- pan- /p/

    Ququ- queen- /qu/

    Rr- rat- /r/

    Ss- snake- /s/

    Tt- top- /t/

    Uu- up- /u/

    Vv- van- /v/

    Ww- wind- /w/

    Xx- fox- /x/

    Yy- yellow- /y/

    Zz- zebra- /z/


     Consonant Digraphs

    ch- chin /ch/

    th- thumb /th/

    wh- whistle /wh/

    sh- ship /sh/

    ck- at the end of sock /ck/