About your Teacher ~ Ms. Dana Duffy

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    I have been in the education field for 31 years, 24 of which have been in this district (this is the beginning of my 25th year).  I taught Second Grade, Kindergarten, and beginning my 10th year in Fourth Grade. This is my 2nd year at Furnace Woods, previously at Frank G. Lindsey.   All were such learning experiences, especially when I went down to Kindergarten, because I got to see where the children started.

    I am the mother of two "awesome" boys ages 28 & 25. They are my best friends and I could not be any prouder.   Ask me about them any time, because like any mother who doesn't love to talk about their children. 

    When I first started college, I went the business route, but soon realized that my destiny in life was to be a teacher.  Now, I can honestly look back and remember my second grade teacher. She was that teacher who forever had an impact on my life and, because of her, I am the person I am today. A former student reached out to me and wrote a paper on the "why" I became a teacher. She reminded me why. It is because of those former teachers and both past and present students that explain the why. I have an Associate's degree in Marketing/Management, a Bachelor's in Psychology and my Master's in Elementary Education. 

    Every year is a challenge, and this one definitely is for all of us, but just remember we are ALL in this TOGETHER!  I look forward to every Labor Day.  Each child that has walked into my classroom, my life, has touched my heart in their own way.  I am with them 5 days a week, sometimes more than my own, but that is why I consider them to be my children. 

    When I am not teaching (which is never), because as a mother, I am always teaching something, I enjoy spending time with my family. My son, Michael,  works for the Village of Ossining Water Department.  My younger son, Ryan, will be taking the Police Exam in a few weeks.  I had a relaxing summer, went on a cruise to the Caribbean with my boyfriend Brian, and enjoyed time with family and friends. 

    I love the outdoors, and enjoy taking long walks and just enjoying time with family.  I love country music, but I'm a little rock and roll too. I love animals;  we have a 7-year-old blue-nosed pitbull named Belle. She is a lot of fun!  She has no sense of personal space, but is a lovebug, and is always smiling! Belle

    I truly love what I do and I am looking forward to an exciting year and working closely with your children and you. I will treat your children as my own,  for I have learned the love I have for children is endless. I have been blessed with wonderful children over the years, both in the classroom and in my personal life, and I always have a special place in my heart for each of them.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. 

    Happy Teaching!

    Ms. Dana Duffy