• Aunt Chip & the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair

    by Patricia Polacco Year Published: 1996

    Aunt Chip & the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair

    by: Patricia Polacco - (Philomel, 1996) 40 pages.

    Television is so beloved in Triple Creek that no one even remembers how to read. Books are still around, but are mostly used to shore-up the local dam. When Aunt Chip teaches Eli to read, his new love of books leads him to pluck a book from the dam, producing a flood that changes the town forever.

    For kids who like realism.

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  • Frog and Toad are Friends

    by Arnold Lobel Year Published: 1970

    Frog and Toad Are Friends  (First Grade)

    by: Arnold Lobel - (Harper Collins, 1970) 64 pages.

    This classic features the escapades of Frog and Toad, an adorable amphibious duo who are the best of friends. Your child will love these five stories about friendship that include adventures such as feeling embarrassed when wearing a bathing suit, waiting for mail, finding a lost button and waking up from hibernation in the spring. Caldecott Honor Book, 1971.

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  • Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown

    by Paula Danziger Year Published: 2002

    Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown

    by: Paula Danziger - (Puffin, 2002) 48 pages.

    Like all students, Amber is nervous about starting a new school year with a new teacher. Is it true that her new teacher, Mrs. Light, thinks second graders are “knee biters”? Will Amber survive the year with a bully named Hannah? Luckily, Amber’s best friend Justin is also in her class and together they can handle anything.

    Perfect for: Kids who like school.

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  • Ira Sleeps Over

    by Bernard Waber Year Published: 1972

    Ira Sleeps Over

    by: Bernard Waber - (Houghton Mifflin, 1972) 48 pages.

    When Reggie invites Ira for his first sleepover, the boy is over the moon — until his sister asks (with older sisterly malice) if he plans to bring his teddy bear. Ira always sleeps with his beloved bear, Tah Tah. He’s embarrassed to bring the stuffie &mash; but also worried about not bringing him. “Reggie will laugh,” his sister tells him. “He won’t laugh,” his parents say. In the end Ira decides for himself, and learns he made the right choice.

    Perfect for: Kids who like humor stories.

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  • Ivy & Bean

    by Annie Barrows Year Published: 2006

    Ivy & Bean

    by: Annie Barrows, illustrated by: Sophie Blackall - (Chronicle Books, 2006) 120 pages.

    A sure hit with kids starting chapter books. Parents need to know the award-winning book is about making a new friend, learning about differences and sharing an adventure. On the surface these girls appear very different. One wears dresses and reads books, the other has a sassy mouth and likes to get dirty. Some sibling issues occur, including fighting with an older sister, stealing her money, playing tricks on her and calling her names like “tightwad.” With its over-sized print, frequent black-and-white illustrations and easy-to-follow plot, this first book in the series is a great beginning chapter book for kids who are just emerging from early readers.

    Perfect for: Kids who like making friends.

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  • Margaret and Margarita: Margarita y Margaret

    by Lynn Reiser Year Published: 1993

    Margaret and Margarita: Margarita y Margaret

    by: Lynn Reiser - (Greenwillow Books, 1993) 32 pages.

    Your child will love this bilingual (Spanish and English) book about a budding friendship between an English-speaking girl and a Spanish-speaking girl who meet in a park.

    For our Spanish readers: A su nino le encantaraeste libro bilingue sobre una amistad que crece entre una nina que habla ingles y una nina que habla espanol que se conocen en el parque.

    Perfect for: Kids who like making friends.

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  • My Best Friend

    by Pat Hutchins Year Published: 1993

    My Best Friend

    by: Pat Hutchins - (Greenwillow, 1993) 32 pages.

    This playful story shows that two little girls can be friends and appreciate each other even though they are good at doing different things. You child will enjoy this book over and over again.

    Perfect for: Kids who like making friends.

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  • The Snow Leopard

    by Jackie Morris Year Published: 2007

    The Snow Leopard

    First grade 

    by: Jackie Morris - (Frances Lincoln, 2007) 32 pages.

    Very rarely do absolutely gorgeous picture books like this come along. This original, mystical, mountain story tells of a boy who dreams and hears a leopard, once human, that “sang the stars to life.” When intruders invade their hidden valley, the leopard passes on both his protective song and his animal form to the boy. Fantastic prose and magical illustrations make this picture book an instant classic.

    Perfect for: Kids who like nature.

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