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The Hendrick Hudson School District communicates its educational philosophy through its mission statement and core beliefs. 


The mission of the Hendrick Hudson School District, a dynamic, innovative, and supportive educational community, is to ensure students are engaged, passionate learners who achieve their maximum potential and contribute to society.
This is accomplished in a system characterized by:

  • A culture of the highest expectations for all;
  • A rigorous, articulated curriculum;
  • Diverse, effective instructional strategies and resources;
  • An educational environment that is challenging, creative, exploratory, accessible, and nurturing; and
  • A fully engaged, supportive community.


We believe that:

  • The pursuit of knowledge is valuable for its own sake
  • Integrity is vital to trusting relationships
  • To accomplish great things requires risk
  • All life has intrinsic value
  • Every person deserves to be considered as an individual
  • Individuals have the power to make choices and are responsible for their actions
  • All people have the right to be safe and secure
  • People thrive when they balance mind, body and the human spirit
  • Understanding and respecting diversity enriches and enhances community
  • Every person can change and effect change in a positive and productive manner
  • All people have the ability to surpass their perceived limits
  • A nurturing and supportive environment is fundamental to an individual’s growth and positive sense of self
  • Human potential is best realized in a free society
  • It is the responsibility of each person to contribute to society. 


  • Strategy I: We will develop a coordinated K-12 curriculum including the means of assessing student performance aligned to meet our mission and objectives. 
  • Strategy II: We will design a system which engages students, families, and staff in setting and achieving challenging and personal goals tailored to student interests, abilities, and aspirations. 
  • Strategy III:  We will identify exemplary and innovative programs and facilities in the Arts for the HHSD.
  • Strategy IV:  We will identify exemplary and innovative programs and facilities in Science for the HHSD.
  • Strategy V:  We will identify exemplary and innovative programs and facilities in Technology for the HHSD.
  • Strategy VI: We will identify exemplary and innovative educational programs and facilities in Athletics for the Hendrick Hudson School District.
  • Strategy VII:  We will improve the public perception of the accomplishments of the Hendrick Hudson School District and involve all members of our educational community to achieve our mission.
  • Strategy VIII:  We will integrate 21st Century Learning Skills into our articulated curriculum.
  • Strategy IX:  We will effectively use data to inform interventions and improve instruction.
  • Strategy X:  We will consistently develop strong, on-going relationships and partnerships with individuals and public and private entities to support the District with financial and other resources.
  • Strategy XI:  We will create a climate that models, supports, and reinforces respect, responsibility, and active participation in the community.


  • We will always maintain safe, secure learning environments throughout the district
  • School based decisions will be consistent with the Strategic Plan of the district
  • We will practice fiscal responsibility by balancing the educational opportunities with our community’s ability to pay
  • We maintain a high-quality program that balances academic program including academics, arts, athletics and activities.
  • No new program or service will be accepted unless it is consistent with the Strategic Plan, benefits outweigh costs and provisions are made for professional development and methods for evaluation.


  • Each student achieves challenging educational goals tailored to personal interests, abilities and aspirations
  • All students meet or exceed local and state standards.
  • Each student is successful in meeting the next level of challenge in their lives.
  • All students will be actively engaged as respectful, responsible, contributing citizens