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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of the Hendrick Hudson Schools provides a framework for our work as a district. Defined by William Cook of The Cambridge Group, “Strategic planning is the means by which an organization continually recreates itself toward extraordinary purpose.”

When our original plan was completed in 2005, it included eight strategies and three objectives to be completed in five years.  In 2007-08, the Strategic Planning Committee wrote an additional two strategies, one dealing with goal setting and the other, curriculum, and in 2009 another team wrote an extensive plan supporting innovation in the arts, science, and technology.  At this point, we are concentrating on 24 action plans. 

The Strategic Plan of the Hendrick Hudson Schools is based on our Mission, Beliefs, and Objectives, and is guided by specific Parameters, as noted below.


The mission of the Hendrick Hudson School District, a dynamic, innovative, and supportive educational community, is to ensure each student is an engaged, passionate learner who achieves his or her maximum potential and contributes to society.

This is accomplished in a system characterized by:

  • A culture of the highest expectations for all;
  • A rigorous, articulated curriculum;
  • Diverse, effective instructional strategies and resources;
  • An educational environment that is challenging, creative, exploratory, accessible, and nurturing; and
  • A fully engaged, supportive community.


We believe that...

  • the pursuit of knowledge is valuable for its own sake.
  • integrity is vital to trusting relationships.
  • to accomplish great things requires risk.
  • all life has intrinsic value.
  • every person deserves to be considered as an individual.
  • individuals have the power to make choices and are responsible for their actions.
  • all people have the right to be safe and secure.
  • people thrive when they balance mind, body and the human spirit.
  • understanding and respecting diversity enriches and enhances community.
  • every person can change and effect change in a positive and productive manner.
  • all people have the ability to surpass their perceived limits.
  • a nurturing and supportive environment is fundamental to an individual’s growth and positive sense of self.
  • human potential is best realized in a free society.
  • it is the responsibility of each person to contribute to society.


  • Each student sets and achieves challenging educational goals tailored to personal interests, abilities and aspirations.
  • All students surpass previous levels of academic performance as they meet or exceed local and state standards.
  • Each student will demonstrate (21st Century) learning skills which include:
    creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration.
  • All students will be actively engaged as respectful, responsible, contributing citizens.


  • We will always maintain safe, secure learning environments throughout the district.
  • School based decisions will be consistent with the Strategic Plan of the district.
  • We will practice fiscal responsibility by balancing the educational opportunities with our community’s ability to pay.
  • We maintain a high-quality program that balances academics, arts, athletics and activities.
  • No new program or service will be accepted unless it is consistent with the Strategic Plan, benefits outweigh costs and provisions are made for professional development and methods for evaluation.