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September 1, 2021 Update

This fall 2021, the district is at an important turning point. A deep level of community engagement has begun with the elementary schools as they begin planning a transition to the Princeton Plan model. While change occurs at the elementary schools, the district has a prime opportunity to engage the remainder of the community about a vision and strategic direction for the next five years in the district.

Based on their deep contextual knowledge of our district and passion for responsive planning, Hendrick Hudson CSD is planning to partner with Education Elements to support us in creating our next Strategic Plan. Education Elements is an education consulting firm that, since 2010, has worked with more than 250 districts and 1,000+ schools across the country. Education Elements is a team of passionate, mission-driven former educators -- teachers, coaches, principals, district administrators, data experts -- all of whom are committed to improving student outcomes.

This partnership will take us through four phases of designing a strategic plan beginning with aligning on needs and current state of the district and culminating with the launch of our new strategic plan in spring 2022.

By the end of the project, we will:

  • Deepen awareness of community needs, strengthening relationships and support
  • Build coherence and alignment across district, school and departmental initiatives
  • Build knowledge of leading strategic planning and implementation practices
  • Prioritize efforts to maximize value for students, families and the community at large
  • Design structures to look ahead and adapt plans when new information is known
  • Define success metrics that communicate progress and build overall confidence in the plan’s execution

To develop a responsive plan, the district will incorporate stakeholders feedback into the planning process. Active input and participation will serve to generate ideas, present proposals and catalyze change. Participants will be encouraged to collaborate actively and dynamically. As a result, the strategic planning process becomes a new way of operating within an organization versus a document that sits on a shelf. The district and Education Elements will create a governance structure for this project that ensures clear roles, diverse voices, deep collaboration, and strong project management. The district will identify team members to serve in various roles to ensure optimal engagement and effective communication.

We will communicate next steps and a project timeline later in the fall, after we successfully open the 2021-2022 school year.

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