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High School Athletic Hall of Fame

The Hendrick Hudson School District honors the accomplishments of many of our past graduates through the Hendrick Hudson High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  By clicking on the name below, the site will take you to the plaque that is displayed in the Hendrick Hudson High School Athletic Hall of Fame. 


 2006 Inaugural Induction Class

George Kiefer- Coach 1942-51

Robert Ruschak- Class of 1944

Edward Keon- Class of 1946

Edward Lent- Class of 1959

Edward Snyder- Class of 1960

Bruce Fulgum- Class of 1967

Jon Jacoby- Class of 1972

Mark Catano- Class of 1980

Kathleen Staten- Class of 1987

Robert Cole- Class of 1988

Anthony Alberti- Class of 1990

1966 Football Team


2007 Induction Class

William Chester- Class of 1934

Pete Kelly- Class of 1960

Charles Reilly- Class of 1967

John Kotalik- Class of 1971

Al Tandy- Class of 1974

Ray Glashoff- Class of 1977

Seth Heaton- Class of 1989

1959-60 Boys Basketball Team


2008 Induction Class

Henry Bethea- Class of 1967

Daniel Jurgens- Class of 1972

William Martin- Class of 1979

Lynn Roberto- Class of 1981

Michele Staten- Class of 1986

Kyla Palombini- Class of 1997

1988 Boys Soccer Team


2009 Induction Class

John Mills- Coach 1956-68

Glenn Welch- Class of 1974

Edward Kuss- Class of 1975

Amy Hanson- Class of 1998

Joseph DiCola- Class of 1999

Kim Fogarty- Class of 1999

1976 Baseball Team


2010 Induction Class

Susan Zawacki- Class of 1970

Loretta Reilly- Class of 1981

Kevin Alford- Class of 2000

Michael Pritts- Class of 2000

Kurt Thomas- Class of 2000

1983 Softball Team


2011 Induction Class

Joe Ruyack- Coach and Athletic Director

Vince Annichiarico- Coach

Mack Lee- Class of 1965

Lisa Taylor- Class of 1981

Mike Ford- Class of 1984

Rich Guzi- Class of 1989

1966 Baseball Team


2012 Induction Class

Irwin J. Mayer- Coach and Athletic Director

Vince Verdeschi- Coach and Athletic Director

Francis "Bud" Harding- Class of 1962

James "Jay" Jacoby- Class of 1963

Tom Cole- Class of 1981

Doug Pritts- Class of 1994

1962 Football Team


2013 Induction Class

Christine Markley- Class of 1959

Carissa Charles- Class of 1988

Michael Nardone- Class of 1989

Alex Edwards- Class of 2000

2000 Baseball Team


2014 Induction Class

Joan Staten- Class of 1988

Richard McHale- Class of 1989

Dina Bertoline- Class of 2003

Brian Kuritzky- Class of 2004

Sara Yakin- Class of 2004

1976-77 Boys Basketball Team


2015 Induction Class

Ken Harbolic- Class of 1966

Aaron Carbone- Class of 1973

Alex Kuritzky- Class of 2003

Caitlyn Welch- Class of 2004

Brian Zubradt- Class of 2004

2003 Boys Soccer Team


2016 Induction Class

Kathy Ryan- Class of 1983

Vincent Nittoli- Class of 1989

Jay Pritchard- Class of 1989

Courtney Smith- Class of 1989

Michelle Breen- Class of 1993

1977-78 Girls Basketball Team


2017 Induction Class

Tom Bertoline- Class of 1973

Bobby Wheeler- Class of 1977

Greg Economou- Class of 1983

Chris Staten- Class of 1984

Brian Kelly- Class of 1986

Chris Talma- Class of 1991

Garrett Glashoff- Class of 2006

Robbie Bosco- Class of 2007

Paul Natale- Coach 1968-2012

1999 Football Team


2018 Induction Class

Kim Eagens- Class of 1998

Maggie Wright- Class of 2005

Alysha Fanning- Class of 2006

Jessica Harris- Class of 2007

Lindsey Hock- Class of 2007

Nicole Tamburri- Class of 2008

Kami Nethersole- Class of 2008

2006 Volleyball Team

2007 Volleyball Team

2008 Volleyball Team


2019 Induction Class

Joe Vargo- Class of 1961

Jim Trapasso- Class of 1962

Ken Sherman- Class of 1986

Mike Hannigan- Class of 1988

Meg Hanson-Greiner- Class of 1991

Ruxandra Dumitrescu- Class of 2007

1970 Boys Basketball Team

2007 Softball Team



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