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English as a Second Language Program, K-12

The goal of the Hendrick Hudson School District is to welcome our second language learners and families to our community.  The school experience is intended to provide our students with a supportive, enriching environment within which they develop the skills and dispositions necessary to find success as readers, writers, and thinkers.  

Second language learners experience learning targeted to their level of proficiency with English.  The district uses the tools provided by the NYS Office of Bilingual and World Languages to identify the appropriate level of support for each individual learner.  Along their academic journey, students are supported through pull out language acquisition classes and push in content integration learning.  For students who are new to English, academic materials can be provided in their first language.  

Our ENL teachers, K-12, provide a Title III night each Fall, welcoming families to a conversation about their students’ school experience.  Our student and guidance counselors are ready to provide any supports necessary for our families adjusting to a new community experience.

Please click on the links provided below to find more information helpful to you and your student’s experience in our District.  Reach out with any questions or concerns, at any time.

Margaret M. Ruller, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction