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Quizzes Fall 2018






    Name                                                         1st Quiz 2nd MP       C-Law                    11/20/2018            Per# 3



    1. Define the term Obstruction of Justice and Provide 2 examples of obstruction of Justice.



    1. Define the term Extortion and provide one example of Extortion.


    1. Define the term fraud and provide one example.




    1. Define the term forgery and provide an example.



    1. Define the terms Assault and battery. What is the difference between these 2 statutes? Provide ONE example of assault and ONE example of Battery.














    C-Law quiz study sheet. Quiz is on Friday 10/26/2018-You provide the example.



    1. Black mail- Threatening to use material, videos etc. to ruin someone’s reputation for profit.




    1. Obstruction of Justice- Interfering in a legal investigation the arrest and or giving false information knowingly to the legal authorities.




    1. Embezzlement- stealing money from accounts you have access to.




    1. Mens Rea- Does a person have the mental reasoning to know the outcome of their actions.



















    Contract- A legally binding document between 2 parties or more. It outlines the responsibilities of the parties. 

    Escrow Account- An account used by an attorney to hold & legally spend their clients’ money. 

    Living Will: a notarized document stating a person’s medical treatment if they are no longer able to make their own health care decisions.

    DNR- Do not resusitate.


    • Tier # 1-710 & up. Shows you pay your bills on time and have access to the best interest rates for loans.
    • Tier # 2= 650-710. 2ndbest credit rating. Access to many consumer loans but often higher % rate then Tier # 1.
    • Tier # 3-Lowest credit rating. Not eligible to have loans.  

    Name the three Credit Tiers




    What tier is the best one to have? Why?  


    Notary Public: Someone who is licensed to witness and certify a person and or person’s legal signature on a document.    


























































    Mr­­. Hallock    C-Law

    Criminal Law quiz terms: From your notes by providing an answer/definition for each term. Study these your quiz is on Wednesday quiz 1/10/18





    Amicus Curiae

    Writ of habeas corpus

    The crime of Extortion

    -----------END-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------January 3, 2018





    Criminal Law quiz Terms: Quiz will be on Wednesday December 6, 2017. Read, paraphrase and memorize the below terms and Supreme Court cases.


    1--Cyber Crimes- Crimes committed electronically


    2--4th Amendment -- The 4th Amendment prohibits unlawful search and seizure. This amendment also defines the rights of privacy awarded to citizens of the United States.


    3--Terry v. Ohio 1968--Whether a search for weapons without probable cause for arrest is an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    • Answer: John W. Terry was stopped and searched by an officer after the officer observed the Petitioner seemingly casing a store for a potential robbery. The officer approached the Petitioner for questioning and decided to search him first.

      Answer Cont.: SC--An officer may perform a search for weapons without a warrant, even without probable cause, when the officer reasonably believes that the person may be armed and dangerous.


     4. Counterfeiting -The forging, copying, or imitating of something (usually money) without a right to do so and with           the purpose of deceiving or defrauding.


     End of Terms for 12/5/17







    Criminal Law Quiz Terms for Monday 10/16/2017



    Land title-Survey

    Pre Trial Motions



    END OF TERMS FOR MONDAY 10/16/17____________________________________________________



     Change of Venue 

    Bail Reform Act 1984 



     Escrow Account 

    Explain how credit and credit Tiers work 

    What is a mortgage and how do you fund a traditional one? 

    What is a living will? 

    What is a health care Proxy? 

    Define Power of Attorney & how does it work














    Mr. Hallock               Criminal Law       Quiz Study Sheet

    Quiz study terms. Quiz will be when we get back on Monday 9/24/17

    Study these terms, answer them and memorize your answer from our class lessons.

    For the quiz you will define 4 terms from the list below. You will not know what 4 terms I will give you for the quiz.


    1. Why do we have laws?



    1. Name 2 types of Laws



    1. What is meant when a law and or a court case is based on a precedent?


    1. What does Jurisprudence mean?


    1. Judicial Integrity: Courts should not be parties to law breaking by police



    1. What is Probable Cause?



    1. What is the Exclusionary Rule?
    • Answer--- Mapp v. Ohio- bound the exclusionary rule on the states not just the federal govt courts. No “… unlawful search and seizure…rights of privacy awarded to citizens States (4th Amendment & 14th Amendment) of the United States.”

    End of study sheet






























    C-Law Test study sheet. Test will be on Friday, October 14th. For the test  you will be given 10 terms from the study sheet below. For each term you must define and where applicable provide an example.


     Bail-per 8th  amendment


    Serial Killer 4 components -animal abuse-torture, night time (boys)  urisis, head/brain trauma, terrible home environment, lighting fires for fun




    8th Amendment 

    Moral laws


    Wit-sec program 

    RICO Statute-Racketeer Influenced corrupt organizations act: used to prosecute organized crime.