• The Hendrick Hudson School District constructed its current high school track and field in 1986. The original cinder track had been only 1/5th of a mile in length. When the track was expanded to its current 400-meter length, a regulation size soccer field was also created. Since that time, new bleachers, a press box and a storage shed have been added to the complex.

    The current track features a polyurethane surface. The top coat has been resprayed and relined three times, at five or six year intervals since its installation in 1986. The third spray coat "sealed" the track surface, which prevented water from penetrating through to the sub-layers below. This was normal procedure at the time, as the life expectancy for a track was approximately 20 years; it is well past its useful life.

    There has been settling and damage due to tree roots and, in many spots, the resurfacing layers have worn off. Puddles collect after every rain event. The track used to be perfectly level and was one of the fastest in the area, enabling the district to host many championship meets. As the track is no longer level, the district cannot host County or Sectional competitions.

    Installing a new track as part of the proposed Capital Project necessitates updating the playing field as well. The proposed project includes plans for an all-season synthetic turf field.

    When first installed, the current grass field was sodded -- and it has been re-sodded and re-seeded numerous times over the years.   For a long time, the grass field provided our student athletes, as well as those participating on town teams, with a smooth and grassy surface on which to play football, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse. However, given the field's use, it has become harder to maintain, despite ongoing efforts by the district’s grounds crew.

    Due to the current condition of its field, Hendrick Hudson High School cannot host Sectional level competition, other than early round games. In the past few years, some teams have had some home games moved to other venues due to harsh winter weather.

    Of particular note, in the spring of 2013, the district had to close the main field for the entire season, as the sod that was installed needed time to take. In March and April of 2018, after many late-season snowstorms, the district needed to relocate numerous athletic events to surrounding schools with synthetic turf fields, as our own field recovered from the weather. These relocated games involved rental fees incurred at the alternate sites.