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    The physical education program at Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School focuses on meeting the individual needs of the student.  It is structured to provide each child with an opportunity to develop social and physical skills along with an understanding of a variety of physical activities.  By exposing children to many different physical activities and experiences, students learn to develop the capacity to analyze their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being.  This exposure allows each student to take appropriate measures to maintain a balance that will lead to a productive, happy and healthy life.  The physical education program aims to create an enjoyment of physical activity that extends outside the school setting.


    Be Prepared

    All students are required to wear appropriate athletic sneakers for physical education class.  This is very important for student safety. As students get older, they should assume responsibility for making sure they are prepared for class.  However, please offer them guidance and assistance in helping them in this very important matter.  In case of inclement weather, students may wish to bring their sneakers to school in their book bags and then change into them prior to physical education class.