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    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

    Class Schedule/Google Classroom Codes:

    • Please join the Google Classroom for your class by Thursday September 5.

    Period 1- A.P. U.S. History- rbnhsc4

    Period 3- U.S. History and Government- 7upkzs

    Period 5- U.S. History and Government- nufzb4

    Period 6- U.S. History and Government- yif2nc

    Period 9- A.P. U.S. History- 1cf1m2m


    Attention Parents and Students: Please make sure you read the important announcement below from District Administration regarding access to grades on Infinite Campus.

     In an effort to increase parental involvement and student accountability at the secondary level, the Hendrick Hudson School District is implementing the next phase of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, Teacher Grade Books.  Beginning with the first day of school, parents will have access to view teachers’ grade books on the Parent Portal. They will be able to view assignments and grades as teachers enter them.  Specifically, teachers will enter student assignments into the grade book as they are assigned to students so that parents and students can stay better informed and take ownership of their learning. Assignment grades will be updated at a minimum every ten school days beginning with the first day of each quarter. Please keep in mind that specific assignment grades will be posted within a reasonable time frame with the understanding that the time required to grade assignments will vary greatly depending on the nature and complexity of the assignment and the number of students in a given class.  Parents should be aware that each teacher is unique, with different courses, student loads and schedules.  With these minimum standards in place we expect that parents will be able to get useful information online from all of their child’s teachers.  Parents are asked to refrain from comparing the length, number and duration of teacher assignments between courses and sections.