Mr. Tullo - Mathematics

  • updated: 5/14/19

    Mr. Tullo's Website

         Hello, and welcome to my website.  This website will be updated (at minimum) on a weekly basis.  For those students who are wondering what is needed for each course, please read below or check out the specific course syllabus that can be found by clicking on the "Rules and Regulations" icon found on the left of this page. 

    Week...(5/06 - 5/10)   

    Algebra 1R - Unit 9 will be completed on Tuesday. We will review for a Chapter 9 exam that will take place on Friday, May 10th.


    Pre-Calculus BC - Click right here! for unit 4 Section 3 notes.



    A.P. Calculus BC - Review for next Tuesday Morning's AP Calculus BC Exam is well underway. After school help is open all week. Are we going to do a late aftrnoon Pizza session? 

    Needed for the exam:

    Pencils, pens, calculators (up to 2), batteries (or charge it well ahead of time), water, snacks



    needed for Mr.Tullo's/Mrs. Ferreri's Math Classes...

        A Three-ring binder, a T.I. 84 (or 83) Graphing Calculator, loose leaf paper, a straightedge/ruler, a few highlighters, pens, and pencils.  If you prefer to borrow a calculator from the Math Department instead of purchasing one, please click the on this link for the appropriate form and pertinent information.