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  • updated: 3/8/19

    Mr. Tullo's Website

         Hello, and welcome to my website.  This website will be updated (at minimum) on a weekly basis.  For those students who are wondering what is needed for each course, please read below or check out the specific course syllabus that can be found by clicking on the "Rules and Regulations" icon found on the left of this page. 

    Week...(3/11 - 3/15)   

    Algebra 1R - Unit 7 (Polynomials) is underway, as we have worked on classifying polynomials by the number of terms and the degree, Standard form, Adding and Subtracting Polynomials, Multiplying polynomials and factoring out GCF's. This week we will concentrate our attention on additional factoring techniques. A quiz (Unit 7 sections 1 through 4) will be given either on Wednesday or Friday.


    Pre-Calculus BC - Now that our Unit on Limits has been completed, we are ready to explore one of the most famous limits of them all...The Derivative. After working on the definition of the derivative and some alternates, we will find ways to simplify the tedious process under certain circumstances.



    A.P. Calculus BC - Unit 9, our Big Unit on Series, is now underway...We are prepped and ready for Taylor Series. Lagrange makes an appearance this week.


    Also, Invitations have been sent to your school email addresses...ACCEPT the invitation and join the "Albert" review. We will use "Albert" to help prepare for exams, but more importantly, to help us prepare for the AP EXAM in May.


    needed for Mr.Tullo's/Mrs. Ferreri's Math Classes...

        A Three-ring binder, a T.I. 84 (or 83) Graphing Calculator, loose leaf paper, a straightedge/ruler, a few highlighters, pens, and pencils.  If you prefer to borrow a calculator from the Math Department instead of purchasing one, please click the on this link for the appropriate form and pertinent information.