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     updated: 3/23/20  4:00 pm

    Mr. Tullo's Website

         Hello, and welcome to my website.  All of Mr. Tullo's Pre-Calculus and Calculus BC students are asked to sign in to our NEW Google Classroom. There you will find instructions in determining the videos to watch, specific links to click and assignments to complete/download/upload. 

         Mr. Tullo's and Mrs. Ferreri's Algebra 1R students were asked this past weekend to join our Google Classroom.  All assignments and videos will now be found exclusively through our Google Classroom.


    Algebra 1R - SEE BELOW!!

         Wednesday, March 18th:  Complete Unit 7, Lesson 3 (Lesson 311 and 312) from our "Kirk" Book.  You can work along with Mr. Wieler via video by clicking on the link shown below...(or by using scanning the QR code on the top right side of page 311).    Be sure to stay tuned and do your best to stay calm...Mrs. Ferreri and I both strongly believe that online learning cannot replace what we do in the classroom. Please continue put forth your best efforts...that is all we ask of you! Miss you all!

                             Video link:

          Thursday, March 19th:  Complete the homework assignment attached to the Unit 7 Lesson 3 pages in the "Kirk"book... (pages 313 and 314)

       Friday, March 20th:  Download and complete the worksheet found by clicking on the link found here. A reminder to keep all of your completed work organized in a folder.

        Extra Assignment ... you're gonna love this...  click here, won't take long! HAHAHAHA!

          IMPORTANT Saturday, March 21st and thereafter: 

        Mrs. Ferreri and I have decided to take our Algebra 1R curriculum into Google Classroom...When you get the invitation to join, please join immediately!! Everything that we will assign will be from Google Classroom and will not be from the website. If you have any questions, email Mrs. Ferreri...or Mr.Tullo .


    Calculus BC 

         Wednesday, March 18th:   Check your email account or the college board website for today's practice problems concentrating on Series and Lagrange Error Bound. Although this assignment will not be collected/graded, treat it as a quiz, and give yourself no more than 30 minutes to complete these problems. Stay healthy, and stay calm through this difficult time.  We will get through this together.

         Thursday, March 19th: Complete the "March 19 2020" assignment developed on the college board website.

         Friday, March 20th: This assignment was designed on the College Board website but I ask you to download it and work out the problems on a separate piece of paper...You will NOT be assigned a grade based on accuracy for this assignment. I want you all to save this particular assignment in a folder so that we can review it on a later date. It is found...  Right Here

         Monday, March 23rd:  See the College Board Website...This Review focuses on Integration involving "Average Values" ... Chapter 5 Section 3 in our book addresses the Definition...The College Board website has it as Unit 8 Sections 1 and 2 ...if you care.

    UPDATE: Do the "Alternate" assignmment...the Lockdown Browser is not needed.

         Tuesday, March 24th:  coming soon...

     Pre-Calculus (BC)

          Please check your emails for Albert/io assignments.  Until stated otherrwise, none of the assignments will be graded, nor will they count towards your 3rd quarter grade, but please treat them like you would any assignment from class.   Our classroom enrollment code is JAC748CLIYQR ...sign up if you haven't done so already.  Videos and work assignments which will explore new concepts not yet learned in our classroom will become part of our daily, learn-at-home routine starting sometime next week.  ...stay tuned and try to be calm through all of this...I strongly believe that online learning cannot replace what we do in the classroom. Please continue to do your best...that is all I ask of you! Miss you all!

          Wednesday, March 18th: Your 1st Albert assignment has been posted on Albert.

          Thursday, March 19th: This is an online Albert (review) assignment on Limits involving graphs and tables.   A link to the assignment is offered below. A "Shout Out" to Vanessa Rossi for finding and addressing  an issue with one of the problems! (lim as x approaches 1...(x^3-5x^2 +4)/(x-1) should be -7...the table shows (incorrectly) that the limit is equal to -6.  Thank you, Vanessa!! ...and Zoe...Thank you for the heads up on the assignment link/availability...I appreciate the open lines of communication...Lets all keep each other in the "Know"!   Thursday March 19 2020 Albert assignment

                  Friday, March 20th: Assignment for March 20 2020 ...this link should take you to the Albert assignment. There will be no assignment/homework for the weekend. Stay healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Calm.

          Monday, March 23rd: March 23 2020 Assignment...Happy to see that most of us are keeping up with our Daily "Mathematical" Exercises. 

         Tuesday, March 24th:  March 24th 2020 Assignment...






    Needed for Mr.Tullo's/Mrs. Ferreri's Algebra 1R Math Classes...

        A Three-ring binder, a T.I. 84 (or 83) Graphing Calculator, loose leaf paper, a straightedge/ruler, a few highlighters, pens, and pencils.  If you prefer to borrow a calculator from the Math Department instead of purchasing one, please click the on this calculator rental link for the appropriate form and pertinent information.