Mr. Tullo - Mathematics

  • updated: 9/13/19

    Mr. Tullo's Website

         Hello, and welcome to my website.  This website will be updated (at minimum) on a weekly basis.  For those students who are wondering what is needed for each course, please read below or check out the specific course syllabus which can be found by clicking on the "Rules and Regulations" icon found on the left of this page. 

    Week of...(9/16 - 9/20)

    Algebra 1R - We will continue our work in Unit 1. Exponents, Distribution, Adding like terms and Simplifying Expressions will be at the heart of this week's lessons. After school help in room 111 will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for those interested.


    A.P. Calculus BC - We will continue to Review the Calculus "A" topics during this upcoming week before venturing into chapter 5 the following week. Remember that the College Board Assignment #2 is due on Tuesday. Keep working hard on the daily review assignments.  Here are the answers to tonight's Assignment #6 assignment... here 

    The answers to Assignment #7 can be found by clicking right here!



    Pre-Calculus BC - Trigonometry continues...We will learn how to graph basic sine and cosine functions and we will use these functions and and some concepts from Geometry to graph Sinusoidal functions.



    Needed for Mr.Tullo's/Mrs. Ferreri's Algebra 1R Math Classes...

        A Three-ring binder, a T.I. 84 (or 83) Graphing Calculator, loose leaf paper, a straightedge/ruler, a few highlighters, pens, and pencils.  If you prefer to borrow a calculator from the Math Department instead of purchasing one, please click the on this calculator rental link for the appropriate form and pertinent information.