Bully Prevention

  •      Each year, all of our students will be taught 6 strategies they can use to handle conflict and solve problems independently. Based on the Kelso's Choice program, we will have consistent school wide language that we expect our students to utilize.

              Our B-V characters, Hudson and Henry, will help us understand what positive choices we can make when dealing with problems. One of our slogans is "How Would Henry and Hudson Handle This?" Henry is the male eagle and Hudson is the female eagle.
             Please click on the Related Files link below to see the the bully prevention strategies (file is called Problem Solving Strategies).  I would like to thank Judy Mahoney for creating these wonderful drawings that are individualized for B-V.
             In addition to daily conversations about character education and bully prevention with the classroom teachers, we will be having assemblies and other programs to cover these important issues.
             Please discuss these options at home so small problems at school, on the bus or anywhere else can be independently resolved by our children.
    Thank you, as always, for your support!

Related Files