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ParentSquare will serve as a central hub for all school-related communications, making it easier for you to stay connected and engaged in your child's education.  This new platform addresses our strategic plan pillar 3 initiative around clear targeted communications by ensuring the entire Hendrick Hudson District Community (parents, staff, students and community members) feel included, engaged, heard, and are able to access needed information so they can be active participants.  

Initially, the Parentsquare will be used to send out school emergencies, weather delays, newsletters, school messages, attendance notifications and more.  As we grow with this new platform, you will receive all school, district and classroom communication via email, text or Parentsquare app, so you will never have to miss important communications from your child's school.


ParentSquare automatically generates an account using your primary email address and phone number linked to your child's school account in Parent Portal.  For security purposes, your account can only be activated through the invite link in your email.  Family information (address, phone number, etc.) cannot be changed in ParentSquare but can be done via self-service in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  We encourage you to access your account so you can download the ParentSquare mobile app and update your preferences on when and how you’re notified.

You can use ParentSquare on any device.  You can download the free mobile app for Android or iOS and you can also use it from a computer at ParentSquare.

 Use the camera on your phone to scan these QR codes - it takes you directly to the App or Google Play store.

Apple App Store QR code.


Google Play QR code.


Communications from ParentSquare will be sent to each recipient's primary email address and phone number.  We encourage you to access your account and update your preferences on when and how you're notified:

  • URGENT SMART ALERTS & NOTICES: Always ON, cannot be changed.  Includes urgent alerts i.e., imminent danger, natural disaster.  Also includes automated attendance notices.

  • GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS & MESSAGES: Includes posts, reminders, direct messages. For each modality (Email, Text and App), choose how you want to be notified:

  • OFF: You will NOT receive posts, but Emergency Alerts/Notices will still be sent, and School Alerts, if turned ON.
  • INSTANT: You will receive an email and/or text and/or an app notification instantly (in real-time), every time a notice/message is sent.

  • DIGEST: You will receive an email and/or text and/or an app notification once a day in the evening with all posts from the day.  You will still receive direct messages, alerts and time-sensitive posts instantly.

  • SCHOOL ALERTS: ON by default.  Includes closures, delays, early dismissals, and school or activity-based alerts.  If you turn School Alerts OFF, then you will NOT receive these types of messages at all.

More details on how to 'Manage Your Notification Settings'


ParentSquare allows you to change your language setting so that you can receive posts in your preferred language.

More Details on How to change your 'language settings'


Parent Video: Getting Started

Parent VideoParent Square Tour

Parent Square Video Library

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