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Artist Shares Message of Positivity with Students

Blue! Green! Pink!

Students at Frank G. Lindsey shouted out their favorite colors at visiting artist Jason Naylor’s prompting. The award-winning, NYC-based spray paint artist is known for infusing his work with brilliant colors, and the students were more than happy to share their opinions on the very best ones.

Naylor’s work features positive messages around love and kindness and hearts are often a prominent feature. His distinctive murals can be found throughout New York City and beyond.

“We are so grateful and lucky to have had Jason come to FGL to meet our students, who are studying his work in class,” said art teacher Sandra Feirman. Many filed into the gym holding colorful hearts they had created in their art classes, using pastels, watercolors and colored pencils.

In addition to spray-painting a big, bright heart design, Naylor took questions from a number of students. He was asked about how he discovered he wanted to be an artist, what inspires him and what his biggest challenges are.

A group of Kristin Dini’s high school art students also came to FGL to sit in on the presentation.

“I think of my spray painting as a bit of rock and roll mixed with happiness, love and kindness,” he said.

Spray paint artist Jason Naylor at FGL