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Play for Life Event Coming up this Weekend

"Field Day for everyone" is the idea behind Play for Life, a large-scale fundraiser planned for April 26 at Hendrick Hudson High School. Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter sat down with two of the organizers, seniors Emily Guida and Maureen Parks, to discuss plans for this exciting new community event.

Over the past few years, the high school has hosted a number of fundraisers, such as Relay for Life and a dance marathon, all in the name of raising money for cancer awareness and support. As with last year’s dance marathon, Play for Life will support Suz Crew, an organization that assists local families experiencing financial hardship resulting from a cancer diagnosis.

The event is being organized through the Hen Hud Leos and the Lions Club. Stephen Purcigliotti is the co-Leos advisor, and BOE trustee Lisa Anderson is the committee’s community partner. 

Maureen and Emily said they were hoping for greater student participation in this year’s fundraiser. “This is something that students of all grade levels can participate in,” said Emily. There will be games for all skill levels and interests, from soccer and basketball to ping pong and corn hole.

As in years past, the event will also include vendors, music and food. The event is expected to run from approximately 5:00 p.m. until midnight, with games geared toward younger students planned for the earlier end of that range.

Click on the link below to hear the entire interview:

Play for Life Interview

Superintendent's audio interview: Play for Life event