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Newish News at B-V

Every month, Buchanan-Verplanck Principal Josh Cohen meets with his “Newish Teacher Team,” to discuss a topic that could further enhance the school community.

This month’s meeting focused on the topic of Family Engagement and Communication. The team provided feedback on things it feels the school does well, and this information was combined with input from the school’s PTA families to create the following list of B-V accomplishments:

B-V Showcases (monthly, based on Citizen of the Month Traits)

Music Showcases with Ms. Soricelli

Publishing Parties/Writing Celebrations /S.S. Presentations (e.g., Google Slides about various regions around the world)

Evening Poetry Gallery Walk

Plays and Musicals

Crafts with Families/Students

Instructional activities where families learn about something with their students (e.g,. 'Tis the Season for Math)

Various newsletters (e.g,. Parents as Partners, B-V News)

Weekly HW with opportunities for family feedback

Guest Readers

Citizen of the Month Family Celebrations

Reading Buddies, during which all families are invited

Parades for various festivities

Pumpkin Olympics

Sign up Genius

Class Dojo Feedback, Reminders, etc.

Twitter updates from Mr. Cohen and Ms. Soricelli (e.g., B-V All County Involvement)

We look forward to hearing more about their endeavors!

Newish Teacher Team monthly meeting