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New Superintendent Podcast: Three Unique Sailor Athletes

Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter recently chatted with three Hen Hud athletes who are excelling in their respective sports: freshman diver Yanni Schattman, sophomore gymnast Taylor Breeding and junior high jumper Eli Aaronson.

During the conversation, Yanni described some of the technicalities of diving and the importance of making a “small splash.” Taylor talked about how she was inspired by the 2012 Olympics, and how she particularly enjoys the beam event. Eli explained that he discovered high jumping in seventh grade and fell in love with the sport. He described the specific movements a high jumper needs to master in order to clear the bar.

“You have all done very well in your respective sports,” said Hochreiter. “What about life after Hen Hud?” All three responded that they hope to continue to compete at the collegiate level. Eli mentioned that he additionally hopes to have the opportunity to compete for Israel in the Maccabi games.

To listen to the podcast, click on the following link:

Podcast: Three Sailor Athletes

 Eli Aaronson, Taylor Breeding and Yanni Schattman