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“Frindle” Author Visits Frank G. Lindsey Elementary School

Students filed into the gym tightly clutching their copies of “Frindle,” the book everyone at Frank G. Lindsey had read as part of their school-wide read. The excitement grew when they realized that Andrew Clements, the book’s author, was standing right in front of them.

Surrounded by balloons and student-made banners, Clements spoke to the students about his own writing process, the types of books he likes to write and how he develops his ideas.

On Friday, April 26, Clements traveled from his home in Maine with his wife Becky to visit the school. The visit materialized after a school parent had reached out to him and explained that the entire school, students and staff, as well as students’ families, had read and loved “Frindle.”

Clements waived his speaker’s honorarium, asking that the school instead use the money to buy books for every classroom – and that the books be purchased at a local bookstore.

FGL students read “Frindle” as part of their school-wide read earlier in the school year. The book, about a third grader who coins a brand-new word, was the winner of a 2016 Phoenix Award, an award granted by the Children’s Literature Association for the best English-language children’s book that did not win a major award at the time of its publication.

“Andrew Clements is an author who teaches valuable lessons about perseverance, making positive changes and seeing the world through others’ eyes,” said FGL Principal Donna Torrisi.  “His approach and writing fits perfectly with our leadership teams’ focus on social emotional learning.”

Andrew Clements speaking at FGL