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Raising Frogs has FGL First Graders Leaping into Science

Marilyne Strang and Kimberly Valerioti’s first grade class at Frank G. Lindsey welcomed some fascinating new class pets last month: four African Dwarf Frogs! The four frogs initially arrived in the classroom as tadpoles; students quickly named them (Mr. Alex, Harry Potter, Max and Cutie Pie) and began recording data about them in their observation journals.

After about a month, the tadpoles developed into frogs, and students have taken on the responsibility of feeding them. Additionally, the students can often be found doing their work next to the tank. “They actually love working next to the frogs,” said Strang. “They enjoy watching them swim, and it helps them feel calmer and better focus on their work.”

Throughout the process, the students have learned about frogs’ life cycle, habitat, food and more by reading fiction and non-fiction books, such as Wanda and the Frogs by Barbara Azore. Additionally, students have enjoyed immersing themselves in ELA centers, where they have written about each stage of the frogs’ life cycle and read a poem about tadpoles. All of these activities connect to the class’s Science 21 unit and helped the students learn even more about their amphibian visitors.

At the end of the school year, the frogs will be placed in homes.

FGL Students raise tadpoles


FGL first graders raise tadpoles